October 23, 2015

Two Atlanta Haunted Attractions You Must Visit This Season, Or Else...

With Halloween quickly approaching, the time to get a good scare in is quickly dwindling. Whether you're the haunted house enthusiast or not, one should never go the season without going to at least one haunted attraction. 
The one thing you should never assume is that haunted attractions will be around forever. Many of them spring upon available real estate and are lucky if they can even get a few seasons out of it.  So consider yourself lucky if you've had the opportunity to visit some of the great ones of Atlanta's past. 

Here are two haunted attractions that will be saying goodbye after this year. Here we go! 

This season in particular, you MUST visit the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse: Dead End. If you weren't aware, the original AZA venue off of Moreland Avenue and Thurman Road was scheduled to close after the 2014 season. So those who never dared to go really missed out. They even shot a film around the 2013 season's attraction that took the film festival circuit by storm.

You can watch it online for free

However, just when you thought your zombie encounters were really over, the creators of the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse were asked to return just one weekend for a greater cause.  The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse: Dead End is scheduled to be held on Friday, October 23rd and Saturday, October 24th only. According to the official website, Melissa Wakamo and Red Robin Realtors are the ones to thank for sponsoring this one weekend event. All proceeds will benefit the Maynard Jackson High School Parent Teacher Student Association which uses funds to support student and teacher projects. 

If you never visited the previous Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, this might be your last chance to experience anything even close to the freakishly scary mayhem it first brought to the city back in 2010. Again, don't assume good things last forever. So be sure to stop by and be ready to run for your life.  Don't say we didn't warn you because this may very well be your last chance to see if you could survive an actual zombie apocalypse.

This Halloween season we are saddened to share the news that this year will be the final season of Chambers of Horror at the Masquerade. If we're lucky, it could return someday, but there are no guarantees it will or where it would be located. With its 7th year in operation, this year's final show has pulled out all the stops. If you visited before, expect more scares, freakier scenarios, and even wetter body shots of God knows what. Ewww! 

Chambers of Horror's popularity has grown immensely over the years and if you were to ever see it now compared to where it started years ago, the show in no way needs to apologize for any offensive or bold step taken.  It's twisted and crazy on purpose and patrons already know that.  However, not for much longer. According to one of our sources, condominiums ("yes, more condos in Atlanta.") are scheduled to be developed on the property. So don't miss your chance. It's one of the only haunted attractions inside the perimeter and may be the last. Chambers is located at 695 North Avenue Northeast just a block away from the new Ponce City Market. 

Check it out for yourself, as these first-times dare to take on this year's Chambers of Horror attraction. Brace yourselves! Click here to watch this Rare Media video. 

If you plan attending Chamber the weekend of October 23rd and 24th, North Avenue between Boulevard and Freedom Parkway will shut down due to the Red Bull Soapbox Derby. Also, North Angier Avenue beside the Masquerade and Old 4th Ward will be closed for parking. So plan your transportation in advance.  

With only two more weekends to get your fill of Halloween festivities in, you might as well grab some friends and have fun by visiting a haunted attraction. Just remember to be safe and not to drink and drive. If you must, call an Uber or Lyft to get you home safely. Both ride-share services serve the Atlanta area. First-time Uber riders can earn $20 toward your first trip using the code CHAMBERSATL. 

Happy Halloween!

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