October 8, 2009

Grenada: There's more to this country than beaches

As Exclusive Remedies Studio prepares for their production shoot with Grenadan luxury resort Maca Bana (located just outside of St. George, Grenada), we take a moment to consider a different side of travel.

While planning a vacation to a remote island or destination resort, leisure travelers rarely consider anything other than: "What is there to eat?," "Where are the best beaches?," and "What can I do for fun when I'm not eating or at the beach?" While yes the whole point of a vacation is to relax, lounge and soak up the sun. However, soaking up a part of history may be a new consideration to squeeze in on your next vacation. Why not take a piece of history with you back home, while enjoying the modern day delights of the countryside? Visiting a historic site, building or landmark is a great way of gaining a deeper appreciation of your desired vacation spot.

One Grenadian recounts his experience around the historic Fort George on October 19th, 1983, and his current reflections surrounding the town. Click here to read.

Written By: Krystle Solomon, Senior Photographer
photograph by DesignSigh

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