December 2, 2009

Exclusive Remedies Studio returns from Grenada


The Exclusive Remedies Studio production crew has finally returned from the Travel Industry's Best Kept Secret Contest video shoot in Grenada. Over the summer, E.R.S. launched a contest for individual luxury properties to enter and win a video shoot. Out of 250 eligible properties, a little known Grenadian luxury resort by the name of Maca Bana Villas, caught the attention of our panel.

For most Americans, a trip to the Caribbean means visiting the Islands of the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, or others like St. Martin or St. Kitts. However, with the November 2008 announcement of American Airlines offering flights to Grenada, there is much to be discovered about the country.

Most Americans associate Grenada, the smallest independent country in the Western Hemisphere, with either the renown St. George's School of Medicine or the 1983 US Invasion called Operation Urgent Fury. Even prior to our departure, anyone who inquired about the shoot alluded to safety concerns and the stability of the country.  On our flight we met several American vacationers and a group of professional divers eager to visit Grenada for the very first time as well.

So if you have never considered visiting Grenada, we can assure you and anyone else who plans to visit, we were greeted with smiling faces, warm hearts, and first class service. Stay tuned, as you will learn more about Maca Bana.

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