February 24, 2010

The Truth About Editorial Revisions in Video Production

Those who have worked in customer service understand the importance of making sure the customer is satisfied. Have you ever ordered a hot meal at a restaurant and the food came out cold? If you are like most patrons, you would probably send it back. With anything you pay for, you want to make sure it is right. So what makes video production any different?

Actually there is a lot. In production, we feel customer service really starts with post-production. If you ever have the opportunity to sit in with an editor, you will soon realize that editing is a very tedious and time consuming process.

To the unfamiliar, one would never fathom how long post-production can really take. In advertising, even the slightest revision can run a client into the thousands. One might say, "with technology why should revisions be so expensive? Small edits can be done with the click of a mouse." That statement is almost true. However, the average person does not know that hours can follow small edits due to the supplemental processes such as time for rendering effects, exporting, compressing and transferring files all over again.

When working with ERS, clients receive two complimentary rounds of revisions. Each client receives a unique login so that files may be accessed as soon as content is ready for viewing. This saves time and makes the approval process convenient and fast. 
If you have questions about having a video produced or post production services please email info@exclusiveremediesstudio.com. We will be more than happy to have a producer speak with you regarding a project you have in mind.

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