May 31, 2010

A Closer Look Into Hotel Crime

A few weeks ago, a traveler interested in visiting the country of Grenada contacted me. The person ran across the video Exclusive Remedies Studio produced for a small luxury property on the island and inquired about the island's safety. I was intrigued because I asked myself the same question during pre-production for the video shoot.

As soon as my family learned of my travels to Grenada, they immediately inquired about the safety of the island. Americans have questioned traveling to the small island country since the 1983 U.S. led invasion called Operation Urgent Fury. Our production crew discovered it was a very pleasant and safe  place to visit.

With all of the bombings that have taken place in Indian and other middle eastern hotels, it makes you wonder how often hotel crimes occur. One of my first jobs was working the front desk of a hotel. I typically worked alone in the evenings. Though working the 3:00-11:00p.m. shift was the most desirable for me, I later found it to also be the most dangerous shift. At least the 11p.m. front desk clerk could lock the door before allowing people to walk in. I did not have that luxury.

I will never forget having a day off, only to return and learn the clerk that worked my shift was robbed at gunpoint the night before. That was enough for me. I quickly put in my notice shortly thereafter. That was not the end of my experience with hotel crime. 

Three years ago I prepaid for a vacation to watch a famous Caribbean festival. I booked it through a third party travel site. I had never done that before but it was a spur of the moment vacation and it appeared to be the best deal at the time. I visited the website, viewed the pictures, read a few reviews and hoped for the best.

Upon arrival, I knew I had made a mistake. I immediately asked for another room after seeing the first. Unfortunately, I did not even get to enjoy my new room because two Canadian women were pistol whipped and held at gunpoint just two doors down from me! I could recall hearing someone scream but just as if I was in a movie, I shook my head and told myself, "maybe it was nothing."

When I heard a soft knock and a whimpering voice outside my door five minutes later I knew I was not dreaming. Through my peephole, there she was, a terrified woman whispering for me to let her in. She and her friend had just been robbed and the men took off with their room telephone. I later learned that the men had mistakenly thought they were two other guests that had apparently stolen their drugs.

"Drugs?" I exclaimed. "Are you kidding me?" I had had enough. By the end of the week, I had been moved three times and found myself being questioned by the police in hopes that they could find the two men before it was too late. Needless to say, my vacation was ruined. I have never prepaid for another vacation through a third-party website ever again. Safety takes priority over great rates any day.

Photographs are great, but when you decide to feature your property through moving imagery such as video, consider discussing your hotel's safety procedures and features. Introduce yourself, your staff, and anything you may want to share to make your prospective guests feel comfortable. It could be the one factor that differentiates your hotel from another. Photographs are easily edited to be more appealing. Whereas, covering up imperfections on video are not. Additionally, doing so can be very expensive. How do you ensure safety  for your guest?

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