September 20, 2010

Could you overcome years of homelessness? One man did. Meet Dr. Carlton N. Young

With more people living paycheck to paycheck, the risks of becoming homeless has increased exponentially since the downturn of the economy. Motivational speaker and author Dr.  Carlton Young would like to assure those that may be facing homelessness that you can bounce back. 

"Homelessness does not just affect people with addictions, mental illness, or those dealing with domestic violence. Today it's not who is homeless, but who are those now at risk of becoming homeless." 
-Dr. Carlton Young-

This fall Exclusive Remedies Studio will release Dr. Young's very first audio cd entitled Success Finds a Way: Setting Yourself Up to Win. It will be the first in his series of several motivational audio cds that will help motivate people and teach them ways to get back on track.

Exclusive Remedies Studio, LLC is more than just a production company. Producers work directly with individual clients and businesses. Services range anywhere from promotional videos, on-hold music for phone systems, 2D and 3D motion graphics, photography, and much more. By working directly with clients and focusing on creating tailor-made and original marketing content, clients gain more creative control than they would working with a large agency.

Learn more about the work of Dr. Carlton Young: click to visit the website
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