May 22, 2013

Finally, an event that truly connects all of Georgia's production industry.

I'm not much of a blogger. That's why you won't find weekly posts on Exclusive Remedies Studio's blog. However, when I have time to spread good news I most definitely will find the time to share it. I just have to say that if you missed Production Link on Monday April 15th, you missed one heck of a treat. We cannot express how elated we were with the turnout and the aftermath of it all. When I first conceptualized Production Link, I knew that I wanted it to help people in a big way. Now weeks later I am starting to see just how successful the event was for those who attended and our sponsors. 

On Monday April 15th Exclusive Remedies Studio and Atlanta Production Consultants opened up a window of opportunity for filmmakers, musicians, service providers, television producers and newcomers to our state like never before. Nearly every week I receive at least one phone call from some frustrated individual who has found it very difficult to break into the industry here. They simply want directions, answers, and professional introductions. As a producer and production consultant, that is one of the main reasons why I wanted to create the event; to bridge the gaps.

Since the event I have recently discovered that people have been hired, projects are in motion, and business transactions are actually being made. I cannot express how amazing that makes me feel. It truly served its purpose. What some may have written off as "just some mixer," others found it to be exactly what Georgia needed. My vision was to have production companies, crew members, film and media graduates, production service providers, film/tv producers, talent, and musicians in one space where they could build teams and discover the best talent Georgia has to offer. Production Link provided a professional intimate setting that not only brought an industry together, it educated people. It also allowed people to meet one-on-one with some of the industries' best. Everyone who walked in the door came prepared and was ready to build their teams and get the advice and resources they were looking for. 

Throughout the night I made sure to speak to as many people as I could to ensure that they had the opportunity to speak with whomever they came to meet. There was an event itinerary, several hosts to greet attendees, complimentary food and beverages, and seated areas with tables to converse and network comfortably. Did I mention that every song played was specifically composed and selected for those looking to hire composers for film and television projects? I think the one thing that made it even better is that every industry expert that participated genuinely wanted to help those seeking their advice. 

Trust me, we made a lot of phone calls, sent hundreds of emails, attended a lot of events and simply asked for the support of several organizations and individuals. Unfortunately, most were more concerned about what was in it for them and who was going to be there than they were with sharing knowledge, giving advice and networking to see how everyone could generate business across the board. 

Though I wasn't sure exactly how people would receive our new approach to networking, the positive feedback and countless thanks from our sponsors, patrons, volunteers and industry experts, made the countless hours of work and sleepless nights all worth it. So for those of you who are genuinely interested in helping Georgia become the very best state for production, I hope you will join us in making sure that every Georgian is prepared to show our true southern hospitality to those who do business in our state. Why is this so important? Because we have the crew, resources, services and creative talent to support their productions. I hope to see you at the next Production Link in September 2013.

Director of Photography Brian W. Hall with The Hot Chick Army

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