August 6, 2015

Launching Our New Division: Atlanta Production Consultants

Taking a photo with some of the crew from Sundance TV's The Red Road
Over the past two years a lot has happened within the company.  In mid 2013 we ventured off into a new direction to help launch our production consulting division, Atlanta Production Consultants. During that time things picked-up with several events putting the new Atlanta Production Consultants on the industry map.

Our premiere educational networking event is Production Link Atlanta. Production Link features entertainment industry professionals that provide insight and guidance to those looking to expand their footprint in the Georgia entertainment market. Attendees receive one-on-one networking opportunities in a rare intimate setting along with like-minded industry professionals from all over. The event also highlights local production professionals and companies, their work, and even gives one lucky college student the opportunity to be featured as the rising star showcase winner. 
Production Link Atlanta industry expert panel discussion
Aside from our annual main event, throughout the year we host production happy hours to accommodate the day-to-day production professionals that aren't usually available during the week but still wish to meet others in the industry. New production professionals moving to the area are highly encouraged to attend in order to meet those much needed industry contacts. We simply wanted to close the gaps between the music, film, and television industries professionals. 
production happy hour participants enjoy complimentary refreshments
production happy hour impromptu group photo
We also host private events from time-to-time which allow production crews the opportunity to relax and truly get more acquainted with the other crew members on set. This allows for our production partners (local service-providers) to gain the exposure they're looking for in a more intimate setting. The more we can do to help the Georgia production industry grow, the better. More films means more job opportunities and that leads to a stronger state economy. Go Georgia!

Event host Danielle Smith leads Annalise Basso, an actress with The Red Road, in a funny game
In addition to hosting networking events, our production location services began picking up as well.  We worked with companies like Class Clown Films, Home and Garden Magazine, Warner Brothers and others to find locations for their production shoots. We serve as site representatives and liaisons between property owners and production companies to ensure the locations are well-taken care of during the shoot and that the owners are compensated fairly for its use. We best represent clients that own properties that could be classified as a mansion, estate, or that require a desired level of professional care.

Here is an example of the type of feature a highly sought-after production location might have.  
We've been production consulting for years.  It was just time to put a label on it. Whether we're helping independent producers get their films off the ground, speaking at film festivals, or hosting private events for production crews, we couldn't be more pleased with our growth these past two years. 

If you own a property that you would like to be included in our private location database please contact us at If you are simply in need of a site representative for your property, you may also contact us. We would love to represent you.

Please visit our service section of the Exclusive Remedies Studio website to learn more about Atlanta Production Consultants. 

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