December 10, 2016

A Friendship Rekindled Through Comedy

Linda Vorachack and Danielle Smith
co-creators, writers, and stars of D&L In the Atl

ATLANTA - The world needs to laugh more. Well, at least that's what Danielle Smith and Linda Vorachack of Atlanta, Georgia think.  While growing up in central Georgia, these two were inseparable. Their parents were best friends and even spent numerous Christmas holidays together. When Danielle's mother became the Godmother of both Linda and her brother John, the friends deemed themselves God-sisters. 

Unfortunately, as they grew older, like most childhood friends, they eventually grew apart. Linda's family moved North of Atlanta while Danielle's family remained in Macon. Thirteen years later these two sisters magically reunited.

"I always knew I'd be reunited with my long-lost friend at some point in our lives. I just didn't know when," said Danielle Smith, co-creator and executive producer of D&L In the Atl. "I finally got to see Linda when she showed up to her mom's house who was hosting an event that day. Though we didn't reconnect at that time, I still hoped we could catch up." 

Now four years later, not only have the two rekindled their friendship but they have also rekindled their love for making silly short skits. Only this time, they aren't begging their parents to watch them put on a show in a living room like they did as kids. 

"Ever since I've known Danielle, I feel like God brought her into my life to make me a better person," said Linda Vorachack, co-creator, writer, and co-star of the show. "In turn, it makes me want to be there for other people so that they too can see their own potential. Even though we've been apart for thirteen years, I feel my connections with other people throughout my life was a journey that God intended to teach me many life lessons."  

Anyone who knows the story of how drastically different their lives were over those years apart, would hardly believe that they still had anything in common. Luckily that wasn't true. Linda still had a Godmother, and both Danielle and Linda loved the woman dearly. 

While visiting Danielle's ill mom in the hospital in October 2015, the two began telling random stories to make her laugh. Within the hour they began writing skits that, little did they know, would soon become one of many they would film in September 2016. After testing their material in front of live audiences with another sketch comedy show in Atlanta, the two knew they were ready. 

Some might consider D&L In the Atl to be a modern version of the 90's hit In Living Color, except with two female hosts. They are hoping it will be a breath of fresh air from the stereotypical Atlanta comedy scene. Their style of comedy doesn't rely on profanity to carry punch lines and the scenarios are unlike anything you've ever seen. However, that will be for their audience to decide.

"Though we haven't pitched it to the networks yet, we're hoping the premiere will give us an honest evaluation if the world is ready for our style of comedy," Smith said. "With anything, people will always be critical of your work, but as long as people see value in our humor, then I think it's worth the investment."

The show's pilot episode will premiere Monday, December 19th at the Plaza Theatre on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta. Tickets can be purchased on

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